Why We Exist

Our Mission.
Every church needs to know what its mission and purpose is.  It’s the key to effectiveness in ministry. We know our mission and strive to keep it a priority in our church.  Our aim is that everything we do be centered around the following statement:

“Oak Grove Church exists to evangelize the lost, (win people to Jesus) edify the saved, (build them up in their faith), be a conscience in the community and minister to those in need.

There are five things that comprise that mission. Here they are:

  1. Evangelism. We are a life-saving station. We recognize there are men and women in our community that do not know Jesus and it is our passion and purpose to introduce them to Him. Matt. 28:18-20
  2. Training. We’ve all got a lot of growing to do. Our church accepts the responsibility of teaching the Bible in order to equip and enable our people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus.
  3. Fellowship. We are a community of believers. We are a family. We need each other. Fellowship is a significant part of what we do in order to strengthen and encourage each other on this journey.
  4. Service. The greatest thrill in life is doing something for Jesus. Here at Oak Grove  we understand each believer has a gift and every person a contribution to make in service to others. So, we make opportunities available for you to find your place and get involved in ministry.
  5. Worship. God is at the center of everything we do! We will encourage and inspire you to make Him the focal point of your life during the week. Then, on the weekend we’ll get together to celebrate Him in corporate worship. When you worship Him during the week, you can’t wait to worship Him with others on Sunday!