Jim Bickel – Director of Youth

Jim Bickel for websiteHi, my name is Jim Bickel, which you already know because you clicked on my name to get here. I am the director of the youth ministry here at Oak Grove, which you also know because it was listed right under my name and because you are a brilliant person and can figure things out like that.  I love brilliant people! They make my day. So just by being here you have made my day already. Thanks! I needed that.

Hmmm, let’s see, what would you like to know?

How about I tell you about my family? I am married to a wonderful lady, Pam, and have been for almost 30 years. (On June 12, 2011 to be exact) We have three “kids” er, children. Like Bill Gaither says, “One of each.”  Just kidding. Our oldest daughter, LaDonna is a teacher in Bedford , IN. She teaches computer in a Christian School. Jodi is the “middle child” and lives in Fishers, IN on the outskirts of Indy, with her husband Aaron Tomlin. She is working with an accounting firm in Indy. And, our son Dorian is stationed in North Carolina in the Army Airborne.

We love our kids but miss them terrible!

I have been working with the youth here for six or seven years. It’s hard to remember – time goes by so quickly! I love these young people, and one of my greatest joys is to see them grow up and become the person God means for them to be. Conversely, one of the most difficult things I experience is when a young person makes poor choices and I see where it can lead. Then my heart hurts. I am thankful though for this group of young people and their willingness to obey God. You need to help me pray for them. They face a lot of difficult things and events that most of us know nothing about.

We have a lot of fun in our youth meetings but also learn a lot about what God wants us to be. Do you know that God has a special plan for every one of these young people? He does. I feel honored that I get to help them find out what that is. It is an awesome responsibility, but is also rewarding, at least most of the time. Just thinking about it reminds me that I need you to pray for me, too. So now you have two things to pray about.

Well I guess if I keep on at this rate there won’t be enough room on the web site, so I’ll invite you to ask me more about the youth ministry the next time you see me. Then I can “bend your ear” for awhile.