Roger Overmyer – Pastor of Visitation

Greetings! I am Roger Overmyer and I began serving Oak Grove Church in 2008 as “pastor of visitation”. In 1958 I began my ministry as a pastor by serving in United Brethren Churches in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Our first pastorate was in Youngstown, Ohio from August 1958-July 1962. From there we went to Findlay, Ohio and pastored there for 18 years. In August of 1980, we went to pastor the Seneca U. B. Church, then in July 1984, we began serving also at the Victory Heights United Brethren church located on State Route 322 east of Franklin, Pa. In December 1984 the Seneca and Victory Heights’ churches were united. and we served till July 2006. On August 1, 2006, I retired from the pastorate and have since been pulpit supply for church’s who are in search of a pastor or whose pastor is on vacation, or recuperating from illness etc.

My wife and I were married in 1956 and both of us graduated from Kentucky Mountain Bible Institute (now called College) in 1957. We have three children. Sam, born in 1958 and in 1999 retired from the Navy after serving 22 years. He and his wife, Kathy and two children, Eric and Kelli, live in Chesapeake, Virginia. Our daughter, Linda born in 1960 is a school nurse in the Cochranton Schools. She and her husband, Dan, live near us and have two children, Rachel and Luke. Rachel and her husband, Craig, are preparing for the Youth ministry. Luke is in his last year of college preparing to be a missionary doctor. Daniel, born in 1966, lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife Jody and their two children, Darci who is in the 12th grade and Drew who is a freshman. We thank the Lord for how our children and grandchildren are all involved in their various churches.

We started coming to Oak Grove in March 2008. I asked Pastor Ritchey if I could help him in any way and I started visiting those in the Rest Homes, those who may be in their homes but unable to get out to services and those who may have stays in the hospital. I also help Pastor in pulpit supply when he is on vacation or when other needs arise. Since 2008 I have also served as President of Portage Holiness Camp meeting located near Bowling Green, Ohio. I desire to help people learn of Jesus and then help them make Him known to their friends.

My hobby is working in the garden.